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Welcome to the Wake Forest Presbyterian Giving Garden!

We did it! In one year to the day (March 25), we’ve harvested 8,000 pounds, or four

tons of produce from the WFPC Giving Garden! Estimating ½ pound of vegetables per person, The Giving Garden has provided fresh vegetables to about 16,000 people in the past 12 months! That’s almost 1/3 of the population of Wake Forest! The last 300 pounds harvested (cabbage collards and kale) the past two weeks went to Tri-Area Ministry. A big thank you to the delightful five-woman team of volunteers who harvested those veggies! We will continue to donate produce to WF Community Table, The Main Ingredient, Tri-Area Ministry, and Plant a Row for the Hungry throughout 2022. Journey Ministry Pantry (formerly Glory Tabernacle Food Pantry) has relocated to a temporary facility in Youngsville, and we’ll resume providing them with produce in May.

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