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Garden team

Powering the Giving Garden!

Giving Garden Team Photo.jpg

Team members:

Back row:

Melanie Floyd, Larry Roper, Robin Roper, Powell Roper, Kathy Pulliam

Front row:  Pam Schulze, Kris Root, Millie Seiler

Not pictured:  Pat Moore, Carol Noble, Dan Root, Sheila Tharrington


Heading 1

About Our Team

Larry Roper, Garden Advisor

Larry Close Up.jpg

Larry Wade Roper serves as advisor to The Giving Garden. Growing up on a farm in the southern Smoky Mountains, Larry was active in 4-H and helped his family farm, and market several acres of tomatoes. He earned his Agriculture degree from Berea College in Berea, KY, and worked for 25 years with NC Cooperative Extension, specifically with farmers who were changing their farming model from farming tobacco to raising alternative crops - before the local food movement even began. He splits his time between helping his son establish his business, his Landscaping Contractor business, and The Giving Garden. Some jokingly referred to him as the “Plant Whisperer” or “Garden Guru;” His green thumb keeps the Garden healthy and production high.

Pam Schulze, Garden Manager

Pam Close Up for Website.jpg

Pam Schulze is a lifelong gardener with a passion for growing food and making it accessible to those who are hungry.   She loves sharing her experience as a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga instructor to help volunteers prevent injuries while doing various garden tasks.

Robin Roper, Operations Manager

Robin worked for the Cooperative Extension Service at NCSU for many years.  She is the chief grant writer for The Giving Garden and is very active in promoting the garden in the community.

Melanie Floyd

Melanie is very involved with the Northern Community Food Security Team in Wake Forest.  She serves as a board member of Journey Ministry food Pantry in Youngsville.

Carol Noble, Master Gardener, Emeritus

Carol Close Up.jpg

"I am honored to assist in WFPC Giving Garden helping to provide access to healthy, fresh vegetables to the underserved in our area.  As a NC Extension Master Gardener Emeritus, my education and experience allow me to feel comfortable with dirt under my fingernails.  realizing I am helping others on 100 degree days, picking tomatoes for their nourishment, keeps me humble."

Carol has a passion for growing tomatoes and roses.

Kris Root 

Kris Close Up.jpg

Kris has a great deal of experience growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  She has worked hard to establish and maintain our pollinator beds, which provide nourishment for pollinators, increase production of our fruits and vegetables, and provides a living work of art in the garden.

Millie Seiler

Millie Close Up 2.jpg

The beautiful vegetables out WFPC Giving Garden Team distributes each week to local food pantries and to people who cannot afford the luxury of fresh produce is a profound example of 'Love Your Neighbor' in action.  I am honored to have been part of the planning team for The Giving Garden and to work as a volunteer planting, weeding, and harvesting."  Millie Seiler is a resting Mission & Outreach Elder at WFPC and is a published fiction writer.

Kathy Pulliam

Kathy Pulliam Close Up.jpg

Kathy is on The Giving Garden art team.  She has many creative ideas for garden art projects.  Most recently, she helped design and create our garden gate sign.

Pat Moore

Pat Moore.jpg

"I feel blessed to share my lifelong love of painting to create art for the Giving Garden."  Pat's beautiful art work is featured on our garden gate sign.

Powell Roper

Powell Roper Close Up.jpg

Powell holds several degrees from the NCSU Agriculture Institute and owns a contracting  business, concentrating on storm water and erosion management as well as septic installation and repair.  He grew up attending Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, where he was very active with the youth program.  Powell handles operation and maintenance of  heavy machinery for the garden.

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