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Our Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission is to provide a loving Christian program that will minister to children, their parents, and the staff that cares for them.

  • We encourage many areas of a child's development ---spiritual, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional-by providing a safe, nurturing environment and developmentally appropriate activities. We will seek to awaken each child's love of learning and sense of wonder. Our Christian atmosphere will help children realize their value and responsibilities as children of God.

  • We recognize the important role of parents as partners in their children's education and strongly encourage active participation. We want to foster an atmosphere of support and fellowship for these parents. We will maintain strong communications to keep parents abreast of the school's activities and their children's progress. We realize you are your child's most important advocate.

  • We value our teachers and staff and want to provide them with a pleasant and meaningful working environment that allows them to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. We are dedicated to giving them the support they need to help their students achieve the objectives set out for them and to maintain a safe and happy classroom.

Our Philosophy: No period of child development has more potential for learning than the early preschool years. During these years, children acquire language and motor skills as well as develop the basic concepts for later academic and social success. The experiences during this period should provide opportunities for the child to begin dealing with people in both social and work situations. The young child learns how to handle their feelings and feel competent.

Each day your child encounters new experiences and people. What we ask our children to do, the experiences we offer them, and the behaviors we model for them influence whether they see themselves as competent and secure in their world. The journey to becoming a happy and productive member of society begins at birth for your child. You are giving your child a very positive beginning by enrolling him/her in preschool. Thank you for asking us to join your family on this wonderful journey!

We believe that young children learn through play---play is the work of childhood. Our programs will encourage creativity and allow your child to experience the joys of accomplishment and success through various activities each day.

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