photo by Derek Maul

John Fawcett

Assoicate Pastor for Discipleship and Mission

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.  (Matthew 9:27 )

The diligent farmer plants seeds of which they themselves have not yet seen growth.  (ancient philosophy)

     I’ve been blessed to be a part of this worshipping community since January 2015 and each day - each week - is a journey I go on with sisters and brothers in Christ as we navigate how to do this “discipleship thing” that is faith.  I’m drawn to the intersections about what it means to live our faith in practical ways.  What are the ways we practice Sabbath – not only Sundays but everyday of the week?  What is sacred to us in our walk with God and others?  How do we pray?  Are we willing to stretch our ideas about what prayer is and what it can look like?  Are we willing to stretch ourselves about what our discipleship and mission can look like?  I’m inexhaustibly drawn to the conversations and experiences we share as we journey together down the road together in search of the deeper places questions like these can take us.  
     This church family is open to authentic sharing - sharing in the joys, laughter, challenges, and everything in-between that make up these pieces of our lives.  Frederick Buechner says that “if we come to church right, we come with more of our humanness showing.”  I sense that here at Wake Forest Pres we are not afraid to let that show.  We are all meant for shining, in whatever form that takes – the broken and the whole.  
     One of my calls with this church family is to engage with the question of how we tangibly practice our discipleship and mission.  I see evidence of it all around: from adults gathering during Sunday School to discuss their faith and parenting, through the sounds and laughter of little ones running up and down the halls in between services, to hitting a nail with a hammer as a wall for a Habitat home is constructed, to sitting across the table and sharing a meal and dignity with a fellow sister or brother in Christ who has fallen on insecure times and learning about their story.  
     Here at Wake Forest Pres we are boldly going to explore what our discipleship and mission does look like and what it can look like.  Jesus told us to “go and do likewise,” and there are abundant signs from God that permeate into our lives that invite us into this practice – sometimes they’re obvious, and sometimes they’re subtle.
       Storyteller Brian Andreas once described it all like this: I used to wait for a sign, she said, before I did anything.  Then one night I had a dream and an angel in black tights came to me and said, ‘You can start anytime now,’ and then I asked, ‘is this a sign?’  The angel started laughing and I woke up.  Now I think the whole world is filled with signs, but if there’s no laughter, I know they’re not for me.
     Come out and search with us as we continue to seek God’s signs and live into what they mean for us and our faith!