Frequently Asked Questions

What is worship like?
We offer two different styles of worship and we welcome you to try out both! You may find that you prefer one over the other, but you may also like to switch back and forth. No matter what you prefer, you can always expect a high level of engagement from the congregation, and you will always hear the same sermon in either service.

  • Traditional Worship: At 11:15 AM we offer the Service of Worship and Praise (Traditional) in our Sanctuary. This service includes traditional hymns and anthems, with a wide range of sacred music by current arrangers and composers, led by our choir.

  • Contemporary Worship: At 9:00 AM we offer the Service of Worship and Praise (Contemporary) in our Christian Life Center. This service is led by our volunteer worship band and proclaims Jesus in new music and styles that are dynamic and relevant to both the seeker and the committed Christian.

How will I understand the proceedings of the worship service?
A church bulletin will be provided to you by the ushers at both worship services to guide you through the service. Inside you will also find special announcements and ministry inserts.

Am I invited to partake in Communion?
Yes, all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are invited to the Communion Table (served the first Sunday of each month) at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church. We take Communion by Intinction, a fancy word for saying that we take Communion by dipping bread in wine/grape juice. The congregation acts together, moving as a community towards the Table as directed by ushers. In the Reformed tradition, we believe that salvation is given to us and is not something we take; by being handed bread, the symbolism for this belief is enacted. 

At WFPC, we use non-alcoholic grape juice only. Gluten free bread is also made available.  You will be invited to come forward, row by row, and the bread will be placed in your hand.  When given bread the server will offer words of affirmation “Christ’s body broken for you.”  When given the cup the server will offer words of affirmation “The blood of Christ shed for you."  Then, you will dip the bread in the cup and eat.  Suggested responses are:

You can be silent and not say anything, maybe a silent prayer or,
You can say, “Amen” or,
You can say, “Thanks be to God!” or,
You may also say whatever the Spirit leads you to say.

How do Presbyterians Baptize people?
Baptism is sign of God’s amazing grace; a sign and a seal of our becoming part of the Body of Christ, the Church.  In the Presbyterian Church we “sprinkle” water on a person’s head from water in a baptismal font, as opposed to some traditions that “immerse” people in a pool of water head to toe. Immersion signifies “believers” baptism.

Although the Presbyterian Church (USA) also administers “believers” baptism (a sign of a person’s belief in and commitment to serve as a disciple of Jesus) to youth and adults, we are more accustomed to administering “covenant” baptism, most often to babies and small children.  It is an action through which we welcome children of believers into the household of God just as the early church did.  In the covenant we make in baptism, the parents and the congregation make vows before God to raise a child in the knowledge and love of Jesus, until such a time that a child is old enough to profess (believe) faith in Jesus as their own Lord and Savior.  This is ordinarily done at the conclusion of a yearlong Confirmation process to prepare 8th Graders to become full members of the church.

Baptism is a church-wide experience. It is not private. As such, we do not have God-parents for babies when they are baptized.  The whole congregation takes that responsibility as a whole.

Do you offer Sunday School classes? 
Yes, our Sunday School is offered each week at 10:00 AM for those of any age.  A variety of classes are offered for children, youth and adults.

What if I have special needs, like a fussy baby?
There is no need to miss the service if your child gets fussy. The Narthex (lobby area as you enter the front door) has audio of the service, as well as comfortable seating if you need to leave the Sanctuary.  In consideration of others, we encourage you to make use of this area.  The church also keeps a first aid kit, diabetic supplies and defibrillator (AED) for the treatment of life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias.

Should I silence my cell phone?
Yes, we ask that everyone silence all mobile devices before entering the service so as to create a safe and focused worship space for everyone.

What do I wear?
No matter what your personal style is, we want you to feel comfortable at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church. If you prefer dressy, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed like you in either service.

Those who attend the Contemporary Service are often more casual than the Traditional Service attenders, but many also dress up. And while slacks, jackets and skirts are more common in the Traditional Service, casual attire is acceptable as well.

Where do I park?
Special parking spaces are reserved for our visitors. Turn left after entering the parking lot from Capital Boulevard.  Look for the green, reserved, visitor parking signs.  Parking for those with limited mobility is available in three locations near all entrances. 

Where do my children go?
A Nursery is provided for infants through children 3 years old in the preschool wing of the church.  A volunteer from our Welcome Ministry will escort first time visitors to the appropriate room. 

Kids ages 4 through the fifth grade are invited to participate in His Kids Worship Service.  Children will be ushered to the sanctuary from the service by our His Kids Worship volunteers.  Those children desiring to stay with their parents are welcome to do so.  Our greeters and ushers can provide a bag filled with coloring sheets and crayons to keep them occupied.

Will I have an opportunity to meet the pastors?
Yes, our pastors would love to meet you!  Our pastors are available after both the Praise Service and the Traditional Service.  If you would like a more in-depth visit with any of the pastors, please call the church office at 919-556-7777 to set up a time for a personal visit or phone call.

Do you offer weddings for nonmembers?

In order to be married at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, you and/or your parents must be current members of our congregation.