What is a "Presbyterian" Church?

PCUSAWake Forest Presbyterian is affiliated with the historic PC(USA), tracing our history back to prior to pre-Revolutionary War times.  Currently, we are a denomination with  1.75 million members in 16 synods; 173 presbyteries ; just over 10,000 congregations nationwide .  There are many different brands of “Presbyterian” churches throughout the United States, which reflects our capacity to struggle hard with one another over numerous issues related to culture; theology and governance.  This has led to splits, and sometimes reunion, within our denomination. 

The name comes from a Greek work, which means, “ruled by elders”, or church leaders, who carry out the work of a local congregation.  In other words, all Presbyterians have similar church governing approaches, using elected “elders” (presbyters) to carry out the ministry of the congregation and the greater church.  We, at WFPC, consider ourselves to be children of God, and thereby His peacemakers (Matt. 5:1-12). We have a wide range of political/theological persuasions in our church, and we all agree that although we are not “like-minded”, we strive to be “Christ minded” as we move into our future together as a body of believers, being faithful to Jesus’ mandate to love Him and to be His followers.  All are welcome!   

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