Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

We develop our curriculum to meet your child’s specific developmental needs, using a variety of experiences to ensure a great educational foundation and kindergarten readiness.

preschool literaryLiterary Activities develop reading readiness, encourage curiosity, enhance listening skills, and let us explore the world around us.


preschool sensorySensory Experiences teach about nature, science, physics, math, categorization and patterns, while encouraging eye-hand coordination and fine-tuning different senses.


preschool structureStructure in our preschool day teaches successful strategies for classroom behavior, builds awareness of time concepts and sequence, and bolsters self-discipline and independence.



Art Activities develop fine motor skills, familiarize us with colors and shapes, master pre-writing skills, help us to use scissors, and encourage creativity and imagination.preschool art


preschool outdoorDramatic and Outdoor Play enhance social skills, teach problem solving, encourage imagination, and build gross motor skills.


Last Published: December 16, 2014 2:07 PM

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