ExplorationsThe focus of this class is understanding the Bible. The course is intended primarily for those who are just beginning their biblical studies. Although an introductory level Bible class, those who want to advance their foundational knowledge of scripture will enjoy the class also. Each class stands on its own, so everyone is welcome every Sunday. 

10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Modular 3, Room 4
Sandy Christos | schristos33@yahoo.com
Ginny Poulsen | ewpoulsen@gmail.com


Reading Scripture: Yesterday & Today

Reading ScriptureThis class studies both the Old and New Testaments - a book at a time and verse by verse-seeking to uncover what the author meant and how his original readers interpreted it...while remembering that the scripture is also for us today. Those participating in the class will look at the origins of biblical ideas, different translations, the text in Greek or Hebrew, and influences in and on other Bible books. 

10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Modular 3, Room 1
Keat Wiles | keat.wiles@gmail.com
Practical Christianity

Practical ChristianityThis class is designed to facilitate an ongoing conversation regarding the difference between being a member of a church and living as a disciple of Jesus. Our main source material is the Bible. We also draw from books by Phillip Yancey, John Ortberg, C.S. Lewis and Derek Maul.


10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Christian Life Center, Room B-018
Derek Maul | derekmaul@gmail.com


The Stumbling Disciples

Stumbling DisciplesThis class will bring together all of Christ's "Stumbling Disciples"  for fellowship, scriptural readings and discussions, and guest speakers-all of which will be accompanied by good old-fashioned casual adult conversation. This course is intended for individuals just beginning their journey with Christ, as well as  those who have been walking (or stumbling) with the Lord for many years. Each class stands on its own, so you can join any time without feeling "left behind." The class uses the Serendipity Bible.

10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Christian Life Center, Room B-017
Kevin Herman | kherman16@gmail.com 


Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King Image 3Looking for a place to connect with other women at WFPC? Daughters of the King is a self-led Sunday morning class for women to gather, look at Scripture, and talk about what it means to follow Christ and be a child of God. Through the traditional school-year we study different Bible topics/stories with insights from many Christian authors. Fall 2016 we will be reading "Grace: An Invitation to a Way of Life" by John Ortberg.

10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Modular 1, Room 1
Millie Seiler | agseiler@outlook.com


Tell Me More Membership Class

tellmemoresmallThe Wake Forest Presbyterian Church new member class, Tell Me More, is for persons interested in learning what we do at WFPC and what it means to be a member of the church.  This four week class will help you learn about the history of the Presbyterian Church and of WFPC.  The class provides an introduction to the various ministry areas and discipleship opportunities available.  Classes are held 3 to 4 times per year on Sunday mornings.  

10 to 11 AM | Sundays | Modular 3, Room 2
Sandy Christos | schristos33@yahoo.com
Marla Seymour | marla.seymour@gmail.com

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