What is a Session?

The Session is the governing body of a local Presbyterian church.  The Congregation elects individuals who are committed, active and gifted leaders to serve as “elders”.  Why are they called “elders”?  The title comes from an ancient Greek work “presbytos” which translated, “ruled by elders”.  In both the Old and New Testament we have many examples of “elders” overseeing the ministry of God’s people. Of course, it is also the word that is the root of why we call ourselves “Presbyterian”.  It simply denotes the type of government the church works with.  The Session is responsible for all the various ministry areas of the congregation, such as Worship and Music, Christian Education/Discipleship/Bible study for all ages; Mission and outreach (local, national and international); church finances and generosity; membership, and more.  They meet at Wake Forest Presbyterian the third Thursday of each month.  Their various committees meet the first Thursday of each month, and anyone who is interested in working more closely in a particular area of ministry are welcomed to come be part of a particular ministry team.

2017 Session
Name Class Ministry Assignment
Laurie Baker 2018 Worship & Music baker7@nc.rr.com
Sandy Christos 2016 Membership schristos33@yahoo.com
Kathy Dudley n/a Clerk of Session kathyrdudley@gmail.com
Louis Engel 2017 IT & Communications louisengel@me.com
Ray Evans 2019 Generosity rfe@ncrb.org
Stephanie Gregory 2017 Personnel scgdeac88@gmail.com
Bernard Hardy 2018 Mission, Outreach & Service bernard.hardy@earthlink.net
Wayne Moore 2017 Facilities waynemoore670@gmail.com
Kim Newton 2017         Worship & Music kimnewton99@gmail.com
Alan Perry 2016 Finance alanperry2003@yahoo.com
Robin Roper 2018 Congregational Care rgroper@gmail.com
Millie Seiler 2019 Mission, Outreach & Service agseiler@outlook.com
Marla Seymour 2018 Memebership marla.seymour@gmail.com
Nicole Slayton 2018 Discipleship cmdisciple@wakeforestpres.org
Marty Wakefield 2017 Discipleship wkfldmad@twc.com
Carolyn Joy Wiles 2019 Discipleship carolynjoy77@gmail.com

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