March 27, 2016

lentensurrendersmallI surrender my life to the Living Lord.

Dear Fine People,

It's Easter! As we stand before the empty tomb this morning, remember that the tomb opened simply to reveal that Jesus isn't there... He has walked into the world where we live through Him. On this Joyful day, I want us to remember our Lenten walk and to know that:
     The Word did not become a philosophy, a theory,
     or a concept to be discussed,
     debated or pondered.
     But, the Word became a person
     to be followed, enjoyed
     and loved.
     Let us follow Him,
     be guided to know Him more fully,
     to enjoy Him
     and to love Him always.
Risen Lord, restore to us the joy of our salvation... fueled by the empty tomb and by Your presence with us. The stone has been rolled away and in You we walk into a new era of life that is more than life. May we be ever faithful, even as You are. In the name of the resurrected Lord... Jesus... Amen.

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