What is the Diaconate?

The Deacons of the church are elected by the congregation, and, like in the early church recorded in the Book of Acts, their ministry focuses on care of the congregation and its life together.  They oversee the ministries of Welcome and Hospitality; Fellowships Events; Compassion and Care of those who are struggling with various life circumstances; Encouragement of those in transition; Weddings, Bereavement, church-wide celebrations; Stephen Ministry; “Branch” ministry (staying connected), and more. They meet the Second Thursday of each month for their regular meeting, and they also gather in ministry teams the first Thursday of each month.  All are welcomed to come find out more.

2017 Board of Deacons

Deacon Organizational Structure 2017

Name Class Ministry Area Email
Emory Butcher 2018 Compassion & Encouragement butcho7@me.com
Ellen Cutler 2018 Fellowship & Events ecutler@nc.rr.com
Lisa Dolfi 2017 Fellowship & Events lisadolfi@gmail.com
George Dudley 2019 Welcome ghdudley@gmail.com
Armin Harrell 2017 Compassion & Encouragement alharrell48@gmail.com
Liz Herman 2019 Branch Ministry elizabethoherman@yahoo.com
Loretta Highfield 2018 Fellowship loretta.highfield@gmail.com
Jane Hydeman 2019 Compassion & Encouragement jhydeman@embarqmail.com
Sharon Lineberry n/a Clerk sharonline@nc.rr.com
Rick Mayo 2018 Welcome richard.mayo@revlon.com
Leslie Olmo 2017 Branch Ministry leslieolmo@yahoo.com
Dana Wills 2019 Fellowship jimanddana@nc.rr.com


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