Holding Sabbath Sacred

holdingsabbathPraying in the Messiness of Life

Come join us as we explore different types of prayer as a practice and a respite in the midst of the messiness of life and living. ALL ARE WELCOME... this isn't a parent-only class!! To give you a taste of what is to come in the spring, enjoy this excerpt from the book "Praying In The Messiness of Life" by Linda Douty (our book of focus this semester!):

"We tend to confuse God with Santa Claus. We think that prayer means providing a list of things we want and hoping we have been good enough girls and boys to deserve them. When our prayers are not "answered", we wonder what went wrong..."

This book is an invitation to renew our relationship with God by expanding our prayer experience to include silence as the language of God. We will explore ways to connect with the divine when life has us on the go. We continue to turn to our traditional pillars of prayer...We count on these foundational ways of praying for ongoing support and sustenance. But the power of prayer spills over the edges of those boxes too.

6:30 - 7:30 PM | Wednesdays | B104 in the Christian Life Center


Last Published: January 4, 2018 10:38 AM

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