Thusanang Care Group
Thusanang Care GroupThe Thusanang (translation = help one another) Care Group was started in 1986 in Winterveldt, an extremely poor area in South Africa and home to 500,000 people with no running water or electricity. Unemployment is extremely high. And the homes are made of mud brick or corrugated iron shacks. 
This ministry provides food parcels to about 800 families in this area that are completely destitute. Most families consisting of grandparents, parents and a number of children are completely without income. Some of the people in this area earn a small amount of money by sorting garbage for recycling. The care group also provides the women with lessons in basic health and young men and women are offered training in Red Cross First Aid and basic home care. It also supplements the food parcels by helping the people of Winterveldt to become a little more independent by teaching them to make small gardens that will yield vegetables within 6 weeks of seeds being sown. 
Food parcels contain maize meal, soy mice, sugar beans, brown sugar, and powdered milk, providing the basic food necessities for a family of four for one month. Each parcel costs about $10 U.S. 
At WFPC we ask our members to prayerfully consider making donations that are sent to these South African families. A check of just $60 can help to feed a family of four for six months! We also collect donations for this hunger ministry through our Sunday School classes – helping to create awareness among our adults and children of this part of the world that is in such great need. Also through our Sunday School classes, our WFPC children have started to correspond with the African children of Winterveldt, who have responded with moving notes of appreciation for our help. This is a year-round, ongoing ministry. 


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Last Published: March 2, 2017 1:19 PM

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